Friday, March 5, 2010

dtsConfig Sharing - Suppress Configuration Warnings

Often I have one dtsConfig file for my SQL connections for a project.   Unfortunately, the problem starts when you add a connection to one of the packages that will not be shared across. The other packages that use this same dtsConfig file will attempt to load it and throw an error since they don't contain the new connection.

One solution is to use a separate dtsConfig file for each DB connection, and then each package will selectively use only the ones it needs.

Alternate solution is to set SupressConfigurationWarnings property to True.

Another solution., 12/9/2009

Reviewer: Pelle (Halmstad, Sweden)

I only have one config file (ServerVariables.dtsconfig)
that all my packages consumes. The config file sets local variables that i use in expressions for the connectionstring (ServerName). All packages must have local variables for every db connection but it is up to me if i want to use them in the package.

Good Point, 11/2/2009

Reviewer: SSIS Developer (JerseyCity, United States)

Good Point!

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  1. Same problem here. It actually drove me to develop an entire mini framework where configurations are stored in SQL tables. I then use t-sql to build Execution string dynamically with parameters and call using xp_cmdshell.