Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cannot execute in 64-bit environment because the script is not pre-compiled

The task cannot execute in 64-bit environment because the script is not pre-compiled. Please turn on the option to pre-compile the script in the task editor."

This error is also result of .NET Framework incompatibility. Proper solution is to upgrade to SP2 or to install hotfix. However, if your IT does not want you to do that before thoroughly tested, you can do following:

  • Make sure that each script task has PreCompile = True
  • Open Script Task Editor, switch to Script tab and make sure that PrecompileScriptIntoBinaryCode = True
  • Click on Design Script to open code editor (Visual Studio for Applications) and then choose it using File > Close and Return (VSA will recompile and store binary code in the package).
  • Build project (and copy the package from Bin folder to target location)

SSIS Script Task Editor.JPG

couple of other gotcha's I have found, 2/28/2008

Reviewer: D (Washington DC, United States)

Also if there are any viewers or any other type of break point in the package remember to remove it also as it will cause it to fail as well. Also I found that if you are referencing 32 bit dll's in your script you need to set run64bitruntime to false.

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